Carpooling benefits

Why Car Pooling?

Car Pooling or sharing a ride on the same vehicle with one or multiple people can be highly beneficial in various terms. You might be a college student, or the parent of a school going child, or a corporate professional. Who so ever you may be. If you are a daily commuter, spending a fortune of amount on your commute, then Car pooling or sharing a ride with others can provide you with several benefits. If you haven't still realized, you may simply go through these points that can tell you how Car pooling or ride sharing works.

It saves petrol

If you are a student travelling to college, you may share the same ride and costs of your commute with 3 or 4 others, depending on the number of other students your car can accommodate, and share the cost of travel among all of you. You can do this on a turn by turn basis. For example, you may decide among your fellow travellers on what days your vehicle can take you all to the college and on what day your fellow travellers’ cars can take you all on a ride to the college. Instead of travelling alone in your car, and bearing the cost of petrol all alone, think of this option and go for it. You will definitely see how much your monthly expenses would get reduced.

Hassle free travel

Are you a parent of a school student? Are you dropping off and picking up your child from school every day? Are you finding this very daunting? You can make it hassle free. Find out about other children, travelling to the same school or other schools nearby your child's schools. You may take turns with other parents and decide about the days on which you can drive all the children to school and the days on which they can do the same.  

Save environment

Don't bring one vehicle exclusively for yourself on the road. By doing this you cannot even imagine how much of the harm you are causing to the environment. Share rides and reduce the number of vehicles on the road and save the environment.  

Enjoy the companies of others

Are you a corporate professional leading a stressful life? Why don't you enjoy your travel time with a good company? Travel together, make friends and make your commute an enjoyable one.  

  • So, do not travel alone. Ask your colleagues, who travel from the same locality of yours to the office and discuss with them about Car Pooling.   

  • Ask your college mates if you can join them in their ride to the college and give them an idea of how to save cost and bring down the monthly expenses.   

  • Ask other parents of children studying in the same school as your child and let them know about the hassle free travel to the school.   

Go for Car Pooling today to reap the benefits of it!